Magia Di Pasco

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and Magia di Pasco is here to inspire you with the best gift recommendations, holiday trends and entertainment to ensure a cheerful Christmas season!

Magia di Pasco is broadcasted live from various locations and offers wonderful opportunities to expose your company during the Christmas season. The show is aired on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the months of November and December. Each exciting show is filled with gift tips, special guests, entertainment, food & beverage displays, Christmas decorations, beauty & fashion trends and more.

Siguiendo cu e tradicion di fin di aña, Telearuba ta trece e programa mas gusta na Aruba “Magia di Pasco” riba pantaya di television, y awor tambe online via nos website y mobile app. Magia di Pasco ta un programa “LIVE” cu transmision for di diferente localidad unda cu e ambiente festivo di Pasco y fin di aña ta reina. Magia di Pasco ta wordo presenta pa Ivo Yanez y Siomara Everon. Cada programa ta contene segmentonan hopi interesante, cu tradicionnan di e temporada dushi di Pasco y Aña Nobo, entretenimiento, decoracion, moda, beyesa, receta y hopi mas.

Magia Di Pasco at Farro Blanco October 24 2016

Magia Di Pasco at Best Deal October 26 2016

Magia Di Pasco at Nature’s Discount Seroe Blanco October 28 2016

Magia Di Pasco at Silk & Cotton October 31 2016

Magia Di Pasco at Crystal Casino November 2 2016

Magia Di Pasco at Penha November 4 2016

Magia Di Pasco at The Man Cave November 7 2016

Magia Di Pasco at Driftwood November 9 2016


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.